Video Tutorial Notes

Active dataguard configuration in 11g

Adding Disks to ASM Diskgroup using ASMCA

Backup and Recovery (Incomplete Data Recovery)

Clone oracle database without using RMAN

Cloning a database using Hot backup

Cloning database using RMAN (Refreshing database)

Configure Database in archivelog mode and noarchivelog mode

Configure Database in flashback mode

Configure RMAN with Recovery Catalog

Convert ASM File System to Cooked (Normal ) File Systems Using RMAN

Convert Cooked (Normal ) to ASM File System Using RMAN

Create duplicate database using rman (rman cloning)

Creating 11g database manually and regestering it to listener and tnsnames

Creating database in silent mode without GUI

Database Auditing Theory

Database Auditing

Database switchover role in Dataguard

Deleting a Database using DBCA Silent mode response File

Difference between gzip and tar Command in Linux

Disaster recovery using RMAN (i.e loss of all datafiles)

Enable disable block change tracking

expdp and impdp

Flashback a table to a particular SCN

How to create and execute RMAN Backup Scripts

How to kill and RMAN Session

How to put a oracle database in restricted session mode

How to recover oracle database to a particualr SCN (point in time recovery) not using RMAN

How to recreate a dropped deleted data dictionary views

How to use configure command of RMAN

Network configuration in silent mode using response file

Oracle RDBMS Installation sielnt mode (using response file)

Recovering data block using RMAN

Scheduling jobs using cron tab in linux

Simple backup and recovery using RMAN

Some linux usefull commands


Steps to configure 11g physical standby database dataguard

Steps to configure read only standby dataguard

Upgrade 11g to 12c

Use RMAN Backup commands to take full and incremental backup

Using Oracle SQL Loader to load data

Using rlwrap package in Linux

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