my.cnf of mysql in redhat linux MISSING in MySQL

if you’ve installed mysql in redhat linux or any linux system then when you try to search for the configuration file & unfortunately couldn’t find my.cnf in /etc folder. don’t worry about this problem.. open your shell and try to search any files that has .cnf extension first.
use this command:
cd /
find ./ -type f -name “*.cnf”

find: is a searching command.
./: will start search from a current directory.
-type f : means for file type not directory
-name : is case sensitive. perform better than -iname which is incase sensitive
“*.cnf” : * means any name which has .cnf as its extension

you may found something like:
my-huge.cnf <-for huge data try use this file
(if there is no file of cnf! -> search google and copy it from there)
if you found it, quickly go to that directory
copy it and put it in /etc folder as my.cnf (rename it, in some linux like ubuntu you can find/etc/mysql folder)
stop and restart mysql so that it takes effect.
you may as well change the maximum allowed of data that can be restored in mysql db frommy.cnf configuration
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